5 Ways to Make Good Use of Your Small Kitchen Space

If you enjoy cooking meals, the kitchen is likely one of your favorite rooms in your home. Be that as it may, not all kitchens are created equally.

While some kitchens may be spacious and roomy, others are a bit cramped and small. If you’re dealing with the latter, finding unique ways to maximize the space you do have is ideal.

This way, you can continue creating culinary masterpieces without feeling like you’re trapped in a box.

Below, are five suggestions on how you can make good use of your small kitchen space.

Install Hooks

​One of the most affordable and simplistic ways to maximize the space in your kitchen is to invest in hooks. Installing hooks throughout your kitchen space allows you to free up some of your counter and cabinet space for other kitchen necessities.

You can find hooks in varying sizes and styles to suit the décor in your kitchen. Many people hang their cooking utensils, pots, and even cups from hooks around the kitchen.

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Install Racks

​Another option to free up the kitchen counter and cabinet space is to install racks around your kitchen. Metal racks can easily be installed on the inside of cabinet doors for additional storage.

Again, these come in varying shapes and sizes and can work great for storing things like your excess cups, seasonings, or other smaller kitchen necessities.

Build a Few Shelves

​Shelves are always great for storage, and can also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. You can easily install shelves above your cabinets, near your backsplash area, or in other free wall spaces around your kitchen.

This can be used as extra cabinet space, or it can be used to store commonly used food items like cereals, flour, sugar, and more.

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Invest in a Pantry

​A pantry is great storage for your canned goods, spices, and snacks that you may not have room for in your kitchen cabinets. If you don’t have a pantry in your kitchen, you can easily transform a nearby closet into one by installing a few shelves.

If you’re not the best handy man, you could always invest in a portable pantry unit. They are generally pretty affordable and easy to put together. This can be stored in your kitchen or even in your dining room area if you don’t have the floor space.

Invest in More Cabinets

​There are some kitchens that are simply designed with few cabinets. Maybe you only have cabinet space underneath the sink but nowhere else.

If so, investing in custom kitchen cabinets can be a great investment. Kitchen cabinets are not only pretty affordable, but they can add to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen and could even increase the overall property value (when installed by a professional).

There are several types of cabinets to choose from, so finding some to match your kitchen décor should not be a problem.

Planning a Utility Space in kitchen

​Basic ideas and tips for creating a Utility Space that is functional and frees up space in your kitchen.

I don’t know about you but I really don’t like to see the washing machine or tumble dryer fitted into the kitchen. For starters these types of appliances take up way too much room and of course they can create a fair amount of noise.

Personally I have a separate Utility Room in my home which is perfect for the washing machine, tumble dry and I even keep the dishwasher in their as well.  All this helps me to maximise on the available storage space in my kitchen.

If you don’t have a separate utility room then consider a space under the stairs if possible or think about extending the kitchen so that you can have a separate utility room.

When it comes to planning for the space try to approach this with practicality in mind by determining what you want to fit into the utility room.

Here’s some practical considerations:

Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer ​

If you have a really small space then consider building a shelf system so that these can be stacked up on one another.  Don’t make it so that the top appliance is difficult to reach or that it requires a step ladder as this just makes it hard work.

If you have sufficient space, then do think about plumbing in your dishwasher in this space if you find it practical.  Personally my kitchen is not that big and therefore to maximise the storage space I plumbed in my dishwasher in the utility room.

Counter Tops and Cabinets

​It’s always handy to have counter tops that you can work on and cabinets that you can store cleaning items.  If you can, it’s a great idea to fit a sink into the utility room as this is handy for washing out clothes and other times.


​Hopefully these five ideas have given you some insight on how to get the most out of your small kitchen space. When it comes to creating culinary masterpieces, you want to be able to have the space and opportunity to spread out and make your meals comfortably.

If you still find that your kitchen does not provide enough space, you might consider a home renovation to extend the kitchen for optimum space.

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