3 Ways to Transform Your Kitchen Into a Modern Oasis

Your kitchen is the hub of your house. It’s the space where your family gathers every morning and night to have time together, and where your friends will probably congregate when you throw a party.

Since you spend so much quality time there, it’s a good idea to make the kitchen comforting and interesting.

If you have a sleek and modern home, turning your kitchen into a modern oasis will create a room that is inviting and blends well with the rest of your home.


Buying a modern dining room table is key to creating a modern oasis in your kitchen. The table is the focal point in most kitchen and dining spaces, and is where you will spend most of your time.

Choose the table with care; it should be big enough to easily accommodate your entire family but not so big that it takes over the entire room. Dining tables from and other stylish vendors will set the tone for the entire room.

In a modern room, the side tables and chairs don’t have to match the table exactly – have fun when choosing your furniture, as long as it shares similar lines it doesn’t have to be from the same set.

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Centrepieces and Décor

Since the furniture in your modern kitchen will be stand out modern pieces, choosing minimalistic accent pieces allows the furniture to shine.

Items like the centrepiece in the middle of the table and the decor along the shelves don’t need to be bright and call attention to themselves.

Rather, let the furniture jump out at visitors and the decor serve merely to accentuate it. Between the furniture and the artwork, if you also have a bold centrepiece and lots of accessories, the room can swiftly go from being smart and modern to busy and confusing.

For an oasis feel, stick to soothing colours like blue and green for the main walls. Other colours, like yellow and coral, can be introduced in small pops throughout the space.

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Bold Art

Focus on big, bold art pieces to fill the wall space in a modern kitchen. Modern art pieces can take up nearly an entire wall, and are often filled with vibrant colours and abstract shapes.

Modern art might also consist of three dimensional creations that will hang from the ceiling or jut out from the wall.

Choosing unique and modern art supports the modern furniture and will really sell the space as a contemporary, artistic space. If you have neutral furniture colours and your cabinetry isn’t too bold, the art can be even bolder.

A modern kitchen adds to a contemporary home, building character in the space and serving as an excellent gathering place for friends and family. Choose the largest pieces in the room, such as the dining table and the wall art first.

Once you have set the colour scheme and tone with these large items, you can choose the accessories that will add to the scheme without overtaking the large statement pieces.

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