5 Popular Kitchen Styles – Which One Would You Choose for Your Home?

Are you planning a house renovation?

Or maybe you are just searching for interesting ideas to spice up your kitchen?

Take a look at these 5 popular kitchen styles and then tell us which one you’d love to see in your home.

Contemporary kitchen

​​If you want to equip your kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances framed by a mix of materials and shapes, a contemporary kitchen is just what you need. This kitchen style often features colorful concrete countertops, improved storage solutions, beautiful decorative lighting, and multiple shapes, layers, patterns, and textures.

Where modern kitchens tend to look sleek and restrained, contemporary kitchens take full advantage of the newest gadgets and materials available to create a more eclectic but still highly functional kitchen.

Classic kitchen

​A classic kitchen is timeless and flexible. White or creamy cabinets, simple architecture, black or dark brown accents – a classic kitchen is stylish as it is, but it is also a blank canvas which homeowners can personalize as they like by adding bits and pieces borrowed from other styles.

Add a few wooden countertops or hardwood floor for a more rustic look, or place a dining table with a round glass top for a more modern kitchen.

Cottage kitchen

​Want your kitchen to be a warm and happy place for you and your family?

A cottage kitchen with its soft, pastel color palette mixed with crisp white, wooden flooring and beadboard, furniture-style counter details and pendant lights will create an atmosphere of easy and carefree living.

Paris bistro kitchen

​Who doesn’t love snug little Paris bistros?

You can easily bring some Parisian charm into your kitchen with soft light cast by low-hung chandeliers, striped window awnings, tile floor, cool vintage advertising posters, and brasserie-style dishware displayed on open shelves.

Eclectic kitchen

​Surely, some people will feel that one style won’t do it for their kitchen. If you are among them, then by all means, don’t limit yourself. It’s your home, and you can mix details of as many styles as you want in your kitchen.

Just remember that if you choose to rebel, rebel with a cause. Your kitchen should have an effortless and casual look, not that of a garage sale.


​​Whether you decide to stick to classics or mix and match a number of styles, our trained staff will make sure every appliance functions properly and every architectural and furniture detail is in the right place. ​

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