How To Own Your Kitchen By Using Different Paint Effects

For any homeowner that has purchased their kitchen cabinetry from a box store or perhaps an online kitchen store, they may have wondered how to make their kitchen look different from everyone else’s and how to inject their own personality into it.

When you buy a custom kitchen you can specify exactly what you want in your kitchen cabinet design to make them your own, but when you’re buying from mass produced cabinets, then getting that bespoke look can be harder.

However, by painting wood cabinets you can breathe fresh air into your kitchen remodel and create a warm and cozy ambience that is perfect for entertaining both family and friends. Here’s a few kitchen ideas to get you inspired:


​White comes in a wide variety of shades which means you can create various looks. An antique white or cream will give you a vintage, elegant look whereas a more pure white will give a cottage effect.

White is a great choice if your kitchen is small since it creates a feeling of more space and if your kitchen already has a lot of color going on, then it’s another reason to choose white.

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Neutral shades

Gray has fast become the new white in many of today’s contemporary kitchens and does give a soft and subtle effect which works well with black and white. Other neutral colors include beige and shades of brown.

Neutral colors are a good choice for kitchen cabinets because they give a blank canvas to work with and means you can layer colors in other areas.

For instance you can choose a brightly colored countertop and pair it with a backsplash made from tiles which pick out that color, or you can add pops of color in your flooring or in art work hung on your walls.

Multi-color cabinets

Multi-color cabinetry is another trend seen last year which looks set to continue throughout 2014. It doesn’t mean using a rainbow of bright colors but means for instance switching the colors around.

For example, using white perimeter cabinets with black countertops and using black cabinets with a white countertop for a kitchen island.

Alternatively you could be more bold and use white cabinet bases and then use a couple of different colors to paint the door fronts for a contemporary feel.

Techniques to consider

Once you’ve chosen your color you may want to look at different paint techniques. For example if you want to add more depth and texture you can use a crackle-finish which will make your paint look sun-cracked and old.

Glazing is an alternative method of adding texture and changing the appearance of your cabinets. Choose a color of glaze and then brush it on with a bristle or foam brush repeating the process until you reach the desired effect.

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 Distressing your cabinets also adds character and personality. This can be done by using an ice-pick, fork or key to scratch the surface and create marks and indentations to give an antique look.

To give your cabinets a worn appearance, you can sand them down lightly even after you have painted them.


​If your existing kitchen cabinets are looking a little drab or dated  but are still in good working order, then painting is a great way of up-grading them on a budget and with a little creativity you’ll be amazed at just how you can transform your kitchen to make it truly your own.

Otherwise look for new kitchen cabinets that will transform your kitchen from Drab to Fab.

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