Minimalist Kitchen Design

​​​​When people hear or read about minimalist design it often conjures up imagines of rooms that are stark white and with almost no furnishings. 

This vision then in turn leads to the impression that a minimal design has to be clinical or even soulless for it to be effective.  

I can tell you that there could be nothing further from the truth and in fact minimalist design comes in a plethora of concepts, from the sharp contrasts of black and white, right through to all the colors of the rainbow.

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For people who do prefer the minimal approach to living you will often find they simply like things to be organized without having to wade through clutter.  

For me the minimalist style of living is far more functional and the minimalist approach is one way to create space that is light, airy and comfortable to live in.

Here I’ve decided to look at the Minimalist Kitchen Design and below are a number of photographs where designers have carefully incorporated everything you would need in the kitchen while retaining the look and feel of a clean, open plan and uncluttered functional area of the home.

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While the ‘Minimalist’ look may not be your thing in principle there are, like most things in life, variations of a theme and not all minimalist designs have to be simply black and white.  

The fine examples above show a contrast of how kitchen designers can produce a minimalist kitchen while still retaining a look of warmth that is inviting to use.

Hope you enjoyed my small selection of Minimalist Kitchen Designs.

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