Kitchen Makeover: 4 Things Your Kitchen Will Need

The kitchen tends to be the heart and soul of the house. It’s a place where we prepare meals, break bread and have late night chats over snacks.

Do you desperately want to spruce up the design and functionality of your kitchen to reflect its use?

If you’re seeking to streamline your kitchen without necessarily gutting it and starting over, focus on these four areas for improvement.

A Paint Job

Your kitchen is your canvas, and you have a great opportunity to play with color and texture to rejuvenate your cooking space.

Think about the mood that you’re trying to curate inside this important room. Do you want a morning wake-up call in the form of a bright, sterile kitchen?

Consider shades of gray or white all over. Do you want to stimulate your appetite with warm, vibrant colors at every turn? Consider down-to-earth reds and bold yellows.

In an interview with Elle Décor, designers listed their favorite color schemes for the kitchen, including calming greens, deep blues, creamy neutrals, and many more hues.

It’s about your tastes and how you want color to influence the feel of the space. Be sure to test out samples before you jump right into painting an entire wall!

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Focused Lighting

Think about how much focus it takes in the kitchen to prepare a successful meal. Whether you’re chopping garlic, reading a family recipe, drying dishes, or mixing batter, proper illumination is essential for both convenience and safety.

You’ll want to incorporate focused task lighting like hanging lights above your go-to kitchen prep stations.

Pendant lighting is also a great way to perpetuate the theme of your kitchen, whether you lean toward modern, luxurious, or old-fashioned in your design tendencies.

Appliance Upgrades

Maybe you’re not in the market for a total revamp, but a kitchen a makeover is a great opportunity to upgrade what hasn’t been working for you. Do you need more freezer space to stock ingredients?

Have you had the same small toaster since college? Have you realized that a dishwasher would be a game changer now that you host more dinner parties?

Take a moment to assess some of the larger changes that need to happen in your kitchen to make it ideal, and prioritize them one by one.

This Old House offers a short quiz to help you gauge where you stand in the kitchen, with questions about how many people work in your kitchen, cooking style, and cleanup that can help you decide what kind of hardware is appropriate for your wants and needs.

Create a realistic budget based on your current and aspirational kitchen use, and allot some of that to upgrading your worn-out appliances.

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New Storage Solutions

Cooking areas without adequate storage options tend to fill up with odds and ends.

If you’re sick of shuffling around items so you have enough counter space, it’s time to invest in intelligent storage solutions that keep your kitchen clutter-free and help you track down exactly what you need when you need it.

Make space for your coveted supplies like cookbooks, oven mitts, spices, and more with ergonomic organization ideas.

Grouping your supplies by function and providing a designated home for all your gear will likely cut down on stress in what should be a calming space and will also lend a polished visual element.


​You don’t have to wipe out your savings and call in a contractor to build a new kitchen from the ground up.

Taking the time to revive your food-prep space with new colors, better lighting, more efficient storage and optimal appliances will go a long way toward taking an ordinary room and making it into a dream space.

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