Tips on Kitchen Maintenance

We all know that installing a new kitchen is a very expensive thing.  It’s not just the cost of the units and Worktops but all those expensive, and hopefully energy efficient, kitchen appliances that you bought.

It makes perfect sense after spending all that hard earned money that you’ll want to keep your kitchen in working order and keep it looking great for years to come.

To help you in your quest for maintaining a really beautiful kitchen here are our top tips.

Kitchen Countertops

The condition of these is vital to both the aesthetics of your kitchen and to the health and hygiene issues. When installing a new kitchen or just the counter tops it’s a good idea to consult with the people installing them to recommend the best ways to preserve them and keep them clean.

Special consideration will always have to be given to Wooden Countertops as these will need periodical oiling and you must ensure that any spillages are instantly mopped up.  

Wooden countertops can require a fair amount of work over laminated or granite worktops but certain, as with granite, the natural feel and coloration is simply stunning.

When it comes to cutting up your fruits, vegetables and meat always use a chopping board as this will save you scratching the surfaces of your worktop.

Hygiene Note:  Use separate chopping boards or your meat and vegetables to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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Kitchen Wall and Floor Units

When opening and closing the doors try not to hang on them.  You will find over time that the doors will begin to sag and look awful and they are shifted out of line.  

If you do spot a door that is sagging or not shutting properly take a screwdriver, open the doors fully and adjust the hinge.

Do not operate steamers or kettle under the wall units. The steam over time will severely damage the unit until it will need replacing.  If you look underneath you can see the unit coating bubbling and beginning to peel away from the timber.

When cleaning the unit DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or applicators such as a Brillo Pad. These will simply scratch the surface and over time make them look awful.

Quick Tip:  When you install your new kitchen always order a few extra door handles and hinges as this will allow you to have spares in the event they get damaged.  

This principle is the same as tiling as you should always have a few spares in case one gets cracked or damaged in some way.

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Kitchen Sink

Clean your sinks after use and if you have a Stainless Steel sink then avoid using abrasive cleaner or applicators.

Make sure that the silicone sealant around your sink is in good order as this will prevent water seeping around the sink and damaging your work tops. This is especially essential if you have wood or laminate worktops.

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