Advantages Of Working With A Kitchen Designer

​Remodeling your kitchen can be really exciting but at the same time a rather daunting task.

How many cabinets do you need? 

Should you have an island?

Is it really necessary to have more than one sink?

Has stainless steel run its course?

And so the list goes on…. Hiring a kitchen designer takes the hard work out of the planning stage, leaving you to concentrate on the important things such as cost, color and completion date.

A kitchen designer has the experience that you lack

​Planning and designing a kitchen is a complicated job and requires a good understanding of plumbing, electrics, cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring and much more besides. Kitchen designers have the experience, skills, product knowledge, industry connections and access to technology to do a good job, as well as having an insight into the latest materials and being up to speed on building codes.

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Avoiding costly mistakes​

​Installing kitchen cabinets and appliances is more or less permanent and moving a cabinet or re-positioning a cooker top is much harder than moving a picture on the wall in your  living room or setting the sofa at a different angle.

It’s very easy to get carried away by the latest in technology for your kitchen or seduced by the appearance of an attractive kitchen design in a showroom, but your designer will be able to bring you back down to earth and tell you if the expense it worth it and stop you from going over budget.

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Personalized to you

​Everyone uses their kitchen in a different way and once you have shared as much information as you can with your designer about what you currently use your kitchen for and what you would like to be able to use it for, then they can really get to work with you on the design.

Whether you entertain a lot, need to use your kitchen as a make-shift office, or it’s a place where the whole family like to hang out, your designer will be able to maximize your kitchen space to its full potential.

Designers are adept at solving problems like awkward shaped rooms, insufficient light, and lack of storage, but will also remember smaller details like having plenty of electrical outlets and a dock for your iPhone.


​One last thing to remember. A kitchen designer does just that. Designs kitchens on a daily basis. They stay up to date with the latest innovations and trends.

They have received proper training on recognizing and implementing home owner’s wants and needs.

They can bring ideas to the table that you may never have thought of, and best of all they can help avoid all too common kitchen remodeling mistakes.

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