How Do You Cook Bacon and Eggs in The Same Pan?

Bacon is nothing but the belly side of pig made into slices and cooked to have a side dish. Bacon and egg combination has always been one of the healthy breakfasts. Bacon does contain much-saturated fat and it has high polyunsaturated fat which is good for health.

Even the sodium is low in Bacon. Thus making it a perfect diet food for anyone. Adding an egg with the bacon breakfast makes it complete. Quantity of protein intake increases with egg and the omega 3 fatty acid from yolk making it a balanced diet.

Although bacon and egg come together to make a fruitful combination but cooking them together in a pan is a difficult task. Because egg must be scrambled without mixing with bacon the whole food cooking has to be completed at the same time. Let us discuss the cooking strategy of bacon and egg in the same pan here.

Cooking egg and Bacon: 

To make better bacon we must prepare it first in the best way we can. Bacon is mostly kept in the fridge and that’s why the fats in it become tight and frozen. Before cooking takes out the bacon and allow it to reach normal room temperature.

Cooking egg and Bacon

Once the bacon is at normal temperature, use a non-stick spray in the pan and allow it to heat. As the pan gets heated put the bacon slices on the pan surface without any extra oil.

The bacon has enough fat in it to melt, which is used as an oil for frying the bacon. Turn the sides of bacon and allow the other side to get cooked. Once the Bacon is red in color bacon can be considered 80% cooked.

Cooking and bacon together are always challenging but it makes it the most heavenly combination. As the bacon is now cooked to 80%, it’s turning for the egg to cook. It depends upon users how they want the egg to be, some like the egg to be as yolk being semi-cooked, or some like it as scrambled.

Both can be made in the pan of bacon. Let us consider the first case where the sunny side of the egg will be up and semi-cooked. At first, side the bacon to create a space for the egg. Remove any burnt scorch with a spatula but make sure the molten fat from bacon still makes a texture on that space.

The molten fat will be used to cook the egg and no additional oil or butter is required. Some may add a spoon of butter but that increases the calories and fat content, so it’s better to avoid. Now, as the space is created for the egg it’s time to break an egg or two and put it in that pan.

Be slow and steady while putting the eggs in the pan. If there is even a small disturbance to the yolk, then it will break and get mixed with the egg whites, and you lose the desire of having a sunny-side-up egg with your bacon.

Once the egg is put in the pan, the bacon on the other part of the pan can be turned side. It’s the time when Bacon becomes crispy. Do not flip the egg while cooking, just allows the yolk to settle in its shape and keep the flame low.

As the egg cooks to your requirement, take the Bacon along with the egg using a flat spatula and serve on a plate with some of your favorite garnishings.

That is all for an egg with yolk on the upside but for the scrambled egg along with bacon the process is slightly different. The process of making Bacon does not change here it’s just the egg-making process that changes.

Just side the bacon and create space for egg and remove any burnt things. Keep the moisture of bacon fat here as well and do not use any oil or butter. Once space is created break 1-2 eggs and put them in the pan.

After putting the egg in the pan, keep on stirring the egg with a spatula so that it gets scrambled. Keep dragging the spatula so that egg does not stick, and it gets hard soon.

Once you are satisfied with the hardness of the egg you may turn the stove off and serve the bacon with the egg along with garnish. Make sure the egg does not mix with Bacon while stirring otherwise bacon taste will hamper.

Cooking facts to be considered: 

cooking egg and bacon in the same pan is always a struggle. Temperature plays a key role here. The egg usually gets cooked faster, and bacon takes more time to cook. To make both in a single pan, we have to be cautious with temperature and time to make it the best combo.

Cooking facts to be considered

The temperature must be kept low-medium throughout the process and the time for bacon to cook is not fixed, when you see that bacon is turning red it means that it is 70-80% cooked.

Putting the egg in the pan must be done only when bacon turns red. Bacon must be brought to room temperature before starting to cook. The quality of the bacon and garnishing always play a key role in taste.


Bacon and egg is always a mouth-watering comboBacon takes little more time than egg and becomes crispy with time. Whereas, the egg remains soft even after cooking. So the consistency of heat and time should be maintained to cook bacon and egg in a single pan.

Space is always a constraint while cooking bacon and egg together, so a pan with a large surface area must be selected for making both the items together. It may sometimes become difficult to make an egg with upside yolk if the pan is small because the poach will try to break.

If a pan can contain 3-4 slices of bacon, then after the bacon is half cooked, bacon can be stacked one above the other on a side of the pan. Bacon will still cook evenly. So follow the instructions and enjoy the egg-bacon combo.

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