How To Create More Storage Space in Your Kitchen

​Kitchen technology has come a long way. Visit any kitchen showroom and be amazed at some of the space saving devices that are available.

Let’s be honest, you can never really have enough storage space in your kitchen and this guide provides some useful ideas on how to create more storage space in your kitchen.

Step 1

Kitchen design has taken many huge leaps forward and all with the concept of utilizing the space inside the units. Designers understand that most modern homes are becoming smaller and this means less space in the kitchen.

In order to give you more space designers continuously evaluate the way a kitchen is used and, more importantly, what is stored. So below is some very clever ideas for you to create more storage space in your kitchen.

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Step 2

​Mount spice racks on the inside of a cabinet door instead of taking up valuable work top space. Most spice bottles are made to a certain size so spice racks are manufactured to take these dimensions into account.

You can buy different sized spice racks and this is one very neat way of not clogging up the work surface.

Step 3

​Buy a cookbook rack that fits on the underneath of wall units instead of piling them high on the work tops or stacking them in a unit. Most people only have a few cookbooks or baking books and you can install one rack for each wall cabinet you have.

These cookbook racks are very easy to install and fairly cheap to buy and will save you a lot of work top space.

Step 4

​Fit corner gliders into the corner units. These swing in and out as you need them and allows you to use practically all the space in a corner unit. Another type of corner unit device is the carousel that simply rotates.

Again, these are great for saving space and allows you to use most of the corner unit space.

Step 5

​Instead of installing standard units with swing open doors, how about fitting ‘Roll Out’ units?

These pull outwards containing racks that you can store all sorts of tins, packets and types of foods and ingredients.

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Step 6

Stack Draws – these are units, just like a chest of draws. They can hold cutlery, plates and other cooking utensils.

You can even store, in some cases, large food storage tubs or even pots and pans.

Step 7

Pot & Pan Racks – Instead of filling up your cupboards with pots and pans why not fit a pot and pan rack.

These generally fit overhead to where the stove is situated so that they are easily accessible.

Step 8

Utensil Rails – Why not organize your cooking utensils on a rail. This not only frees up draw space but allows you easy access from where you cook.

Step 9

​Expect to see more space saving devices and ideas when you visit your local kitchen showroom. You can get some very practical ideas that you can easily, and without spending much money, incorporate into your own kitchen.

If you have any cool ideas and tips then post them by using the button below. It’s always nice to see fresh ideas and your ideas will certainly help others.


​I am sure this has given you lots of ideas on how to create more storage space in your kitchen.  

I certainly is worth checking out your local kitchen showroom retailer, from time to time, as new innovations are always coming on the market and this should help you further with creating more storage space in your kitchen.

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