Tips on Choosing Kitchen Design Software

These days, people like to see final outcomes and the full picture before making a decision on a purchase.

That may involve a variety of methods such as asking friends for their opinions on the product and reading endless online reviews. 

This interest in “test driving” and getting a taste before making a purchase has led to the availability of online design tools and visualization apps in several industries such as beauty and home remodelling.

Not only can you see how you’d look like with a certain haircut or hair colour, this idea has extended to kitchen remodelling and home renovations too.

That means you don’t have to rely on a designer or architect’s sketches of your new kitchen; you can map and design it yourself with kitchen design software.

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Start off With Free Online Options

​With free online kitchen design programs and tools, you can design a floor plan and 3D rendering of your brand new kitchen right at home.

These tools are fairly straightforward and easily allow you to visualize how your kitchen could potentially look like after renovations.

Some of these programs are as simple as drag-and-drop, so you could drag in kitchen cabinets, countertops and furniture that appeals to you in your design. 

Some programs have premade templates so you could get to work quickly and easily. Otherwise, you also have the option of creating a template from scratch.

It’s also worth to note that you’re not only limited to creating a kitchen. You may also design other rooms in the home such as the bathroom and living room.

Several Paid Options are Available to Help You Plan Your Kitchen Remodeling

As for paid options, there are many programs that you can pick and choose from. Look for one that has thousands of décor options so you could really customize your designs to your taste.

These décor options may include kitchen cabinets, appliances, doors and windows. Design software programs that have 3D elements would also be beneficial for you as the plan will look more realistic.

Another feature to look for is the availability of support and thorough tutorials on how to use the software. Jumping into a new program can be a little overwhelming, so getting some hints and tips (via e-mail, phone or online) on how to get started with the software would be very convenient.

Having a wide selection of options to decorate your room is important, but the practicality of it all is something you can’t overlook either.

While you want to create an attractive and stylish space, making sure that your appliances and cabinetry can even fit can’t be ignored.

Narrow down on a program that allows you to input exact dimensions and measurements so that you know you’re creating a well-designed and realistic plan.

You’re not totally personalizing your kitchen if you can’t import photos of your actual kitchen and its appliances in the software.

Some programs give you the option to upload pictures of your appliances or furniture so you could incorporate it into your design. 

This is handy if you want to see if what you already and can’t stomach to let go of, such as your fridge or dining table, can tie nicely into your new plan.

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Share & Print Your Designs

The last thing you want to do is pour in so much time into creating the perfect kitchen without even having the option of saving or printing out the design for reference.

What’s the point of spending hours of your time on a design without being able to share it (or show it off)?  

This is especially the case if you’re working with contractors—you’ve got to show them what you have in mind. Choose a software program that allows you to save the design as a PDF so you can e-mail or print it out.

By showing your plan, you’ll be able to receive recommendations, feedback and quotes if you need.

Kitchen design software is a useful tool to have in your arsenal as it helps you plan your brand new space, right down to the tiniest details.

For sure, it can be a fun and interactive program to play around with to get some inspiration flowing. It also proves its value in helping you conceptualize your dream kitchen and determining the cost of your project.

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