5 Tips For Choosing Kitchen Chefs Uniforms

​While this may be more prevalent to a commercial kitchen this article can easily be applied to the serious chef at home and indeed a chef uniform is certainly useful clothing for anyone, professional or amateur chef.

​One of the biggest challenges for anyone who owns a restaurant or café is deciding on a chef uniform for everyone who works in the kitchen to wear. A uniform can be an ideal way to create unity within your workplace, as well as helping to differentiate between patrons and workers.

Use the following tips to help you choose clothing that will represent your name in the best way possible:


​No matter what sort of chef’s jacket you choose, you should make sure that it has your restaurant or café’s name and logo on it.

This can be of great assistance when creating unity throughout your workplace, as well as helping to get your name out there (especially when kitchen hands and chefs are travelling to and from work).


​Always choose chef pants that are specifically designed for working in a kitchen. This is an integral part of any chef’s uniform, as the fabric will be breathable and help to counteract the heat of the kitchen.

The fact that the pants will often be a little on the baggier side will also help lessen the chances of burns.


​Pick out shoes that are comfortable and practical for working in a potentially hazardous environment.

Remember that your chefs will spend most of their day on their feet, so reducing the chances of developing aches and painful blisters should be a high priority when choosing your new chef uniforms.

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​Always include headwear as a part of your chef’s uniforms. Not only can this add a professional touch to your uniforms and give some idea as to the hierarchy of your workers, hats are often worn in the kitchen because they help to prevent hair from falling into the food during preparation.

No one wants to find a stray hair in their pasta.


​All pieces of your chosen uniform should blend together seamlessly. Not only will this ensure that your chefs always look presentable to your patrons, it can make your team feel much more professional and give their confidence a boost.

Choose a colour palette (white is often couple with black, blue, green or even red) and stick with it.

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​By using each of the above tips, you can ensure that the new chefs uniforms you choose for your restaurant, café or even your own kitchen are perfect for your needs and present your name in the best light possible.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra on your uniforms, you could even have your name or logo embroidered on every single piece of clothing, from jackets to hats, to achieve the most professional appearance possible.

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