How To Choose Kitchen Worktops

There are many different materials available for your kitchen worktops. Popular choices range from wood and granite, to laminate and composite stone.

Figuring out how to choose kitchen worktops that suit your home, needs and budget should come down to a few key factors.

By considering appearance, maintenance, durability and price range, you can quickly and easily narrow down your search.

​Granite Kitchen Worktops: Beautiful and strong but expensive

Appearance: Granite worktops look beautiful and feel great. The smooth solid stone can be found in a variety of tones, including mixed shades of black and white, as well as colours as bright as electric pink or more understated like burnt orange.

Maintenance: These worktops require very little in the way of regular maintenance. As they are difficult to chip or stain, only occasional resin fills will be needed.

Durability: Formed over millions of years, granite is very strong, durable material. Therefore, granite worktops in your home will last for lifetimes without needing to be replaced.

Price Range: Granite worktops are in the upper price range. Budget for a couple of thousand pounds, depending on the size of your counters.

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​Quartz Worktops: Hygienic, man-made stone with affordable ranges

Appearance: Similar appearance to granite, quartz worktops come in similar colours and styles but are made from mixed, compressed stone.

Maintenance: Quartz worktop suppliers, Modern Worktops have noted as increase in buyers of quartz worktops as a more hygienic alternative to other stone.

This is because the sealant used in the man-made stone ensures no germs permeate the surface. However, this does mean that repairs to the surface will be needed if it is chipped, to keep the worktop hygienically clean.

Durability: A long lasting kitchen worktop, quartz worktops are durable are a durable and reliable option.

Price Range: Typically cheaper than granite, quartz worktops are still in the middle-upper band price range. Affordable ranges for popular colours are becoming more common, making them cheaper for some.

​Wood countertops: Natural and elegant, but requires regular maintenance

Appearance: Wood has a classic elegant and a natural solidity. Cut, treated and varnished, wood can capture the beauty of the tree, such as oak, while being dyed for richer tones for an aged appearance.

Maintenance: Wooden kitchen worktops will be treated before installation and often come with the advice to varnish weekly for the first few months, followed by once a year top ups.

Durability: As wood can easily be damaged by heat, warped by water or have its varnish removed from regular use, wooden counters need to be cared for in order to last.

Price Range: The price of your counters is very much dependant on the variety of wood. Wood from trees may be cheaper, while counters made from more desireable and rare trees can increase the price from a middle range price to one nearer granite.

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​Laminate: Cheap and cheerful, it won’t last long or resist damage

Appearance: The wonder of laminate is that it can be made to appear like any other material. It won’t have the feel or qualities of other kitchen worktops but it can emulate their appearance.

Maintenance: Laminate lasts a finite amount and time. Being cheap to produce and install; typically atop an affordable wood, it can be replaced in sheets very easily when torn or damaged by heated kitchen equipment.

Durability: Laminate is durable enough for homes where homeowners expect to change their kitchen counters regularly. The thin material can be worn, cut and burned relatively easily.

Price Range: Prices do range but expect laminate counters in the lower band and very cheap.

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