3 Easy-To-Do Things That Can Change Your Kitchen

​Add Small Storage to Your Kitchen

Doesn’t everyone like a clean, uncluttered kitchen?  In most homes, the area surrounding the sink not only accumulates dish cleaning accessories quickly, it can harbor germs and bacteria from damp objects, like sponges. 

One solution to keeping this space safer for the family is to install a small tip-out drawer in an area that is normally considered wasted space; under the sink.

The product made by Rev-A-Shelf, is sold at  most home improvement stores and is a quick and easy DIY project.  Unfortunately, if your kitchen uses the latest trend, the farmhouse sink, this product will not work for you.

The video above gives clear, concise directions that will help you complete this project in as little as ten minutes per unit.  Great for use in storing sponges, drain plugs, scrapers and SOS pads, this handy hide-a-way will soon become an accessory the whole family will remember to use.

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​​Kitchen Islands: Some Ideas

​Need some ideas for you Kitchen Island?

Kitchen Islands are certain a wonderful addition to any kitchen. Here we provide some great tips on Kitchen Islands.

​Fitting a Kitchen Island is simply a brilliant way to create more work space and more storage space in your kitchen.  

When it comes to kitchen islands the possibilities are almost endless, including the ability to add a cooking hob, sink, and other kitchen gadgets, such as mixers and food blenders that make you life so much easier in the kitchen.When it comes time for you to fit a kitchen island you do need to think carefully what you want to achieve from the space.  Do you want more storage space?  Do you want somewhere to cook? 

Do you want somewhere to simply prep your food?  

All these considerations, and a few more, will come into play and with kitchen technology as it is today, the possibilities of creating the perfect kitchen island is very much a reality.A kitchen island does just have to be a place of where you prepare food, it can also be a place of fun and entertainment. 

Consider installing an extended counter top so that the kitchen island becomes a place where you can sit and eat with family and friends – a few well placed kitchen stools and an extended counter top can really make the whole kitchen a more social place in the home.When it comes to choosing a kitchen island the possibilities, as I have said are endless.  There is also the possibility to make the kitchen island ‘work specific’. 

For instance, if you are heavily into baking then the kitchen island and all of it storage and equipment can be gear towards this activity.In the video below, the presenter talks about creating a kitchen island and provides some really excellent ideas and tips to ensure the whole islands space is maximized.

This particular kitchen island is geared towards baking but regardless of this, it will still provide you with some fantastic ideas for your next kitchen island.

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​Kitchen Benchtops: Why Choose Stainless Steel?

​​All kitchens will be designed with a countertop, which is a strong, durable surface used for chopping ingredients, preparing dishes and serving food on. The benchtops can be as stylish as they are practical if you choose them carefully.

Granite is a preferred choice, because this beautiful stone is hard wearing and can withstand high temperatures. However, it cannot be moulded and cut quite like stainless steel can, making this metal a better choice.

Widely used in restaurants around the country, stainless steel benchtops are resilient to almost everything and they are an ideal choice for contemporary kitchens.

​Let’s find out some other reasons why homeowners invest in steel counters.

Simple Cleaning

​Nobody wants to have to spend hours cleaning the kitchen every week. When you get stainless steel benchtops installed in the home, you can rest assured that cleaning will be a breeze.

Marks and scratches can be hidden well on textured finishes. Should you opt for a smooth finish, you can bring out the metal’s natural shine by buffing with a clean towel.

Stainless steel benches are not designed with joins, therefore the task of cleaning up is made much easier with this hygienic countertop material.

Durable and Steadfast

​​No matter what you throw at stainless steel, whether it’s high temperatures, sharp knives or steaming hot pots and pans, it will maintain its condition well.

Recyclable, stainless steel is an environmentally friendly choice for home improvements and is a more hygienic alternative to other materials.

Fire-resistant, the metal is a top choice in external, as well as internal, environments. Versatile, safe and green, there’s no wonder why this metal is being widely chosen for use in kitchens!

Rust Resistant

​​Carbon and alloy steels tend to rust much easier than stainless steel, which is known for being resistant to rust. Don’t be mislead by claims that stainless steel will completely resist corrosion though, because you must be willing to maintain countertops to keep them looking good as new.

In aggressive conditions, there is the possibility that stainless steel will rust however, rust spots can be removed from the metal with ease. A heavy duty cleaner will do the trick, much like a solution of mild soap and water will.It’s not just quality benchtops you can get fitted by Stainless Benchtops but also, front cabinet drawers, sinks and backsplashes.

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