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Tips on Kitchen Maintenance

Kitchen Maintenance

We all know that installing a new kitchen is a very expensive thing.  It’s not just the cost of the units and Worktops but all those expensive, and hopefully energy efficient, kitchen appliances that you bought. It makes perfect sense after spending all that hard earned money that you’ll want to keep your kitchen in working […]

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5 Ways to Make Good Use of Your Small Kitchen Space

Use of Your Small Kitchen Space

If you enjoy cooking meals, the kitchen is likely one of your favorite rooms in your home. Be that as it may, not all kitchens are created equally. While some kitchens may be spacious and roomy, others are a bit cramped and small. If you’re dealing with the latter, finding unique ways to maximize the space […]

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How to Save Energy in the Kitchen

Save Energy in the Kitchen

​We spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen. In fact the kitchen, in most households, is the most used room. It’s not surprising with all the appliances, from the toaster to the fridge, that the kitchen uses nearly 50% of the energy we use every month. We all want to save money, especially on our […]

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5 Tips For Choosing Kitchen Chefs Uniforms

Choosing Kitchen Chefs Uniforms

​While this may be more prevalent to a commercial kitchen this article can easily be applied to the serious chef at home and indeed a chef uniform is certainly useful clothing for anyone, professional or amateur chef.​One of the biggest challenges for anyone who owns a restaurant or café is deciding on a chef uniform […]

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3 Tricks For Better Kitchen Management

Better Kitchen Management

Make Hidden Kitchen Appliances with linear actuatorsLinear actuators can be put to many utilities in homes, warehouses, offices, boats and cars. Such an application include the creation of hidden kitchen mechanisms in your kitchen. Kitchen appliances such as Spice rack can be hidden in your kitchen counter thanks to linear actuators ability to move or hide […]

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Kitchen Safety: Teach Your Kids How to Stay Safe

Kitchen Safety

​Why is it, when you have friends or family over, that everyone gravitates toward the kitchen? It’s where quality time is had, it’s the warmest place in the house for conversation, it smells great, it’s where the tasty food lives. Adults recognize it as a wonderful spot for family time, but the dangers that lurk in utensil […]

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How To Clean Kitchen and Bathroom

Clean Kitchen and Bathroom

​Here are some tips for keeping your kitchens safe and clean:​Cleaning Sponges​The wet environment of a sponge is the next worst offender after the kitchen sink.   Microwaving and boiling are by far the two best methods for reducing the presence of bacteria.   If you choose to use a sponge, be sure to disinfect […]

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