Stainless Steel Pan on Electric Stove: Is It possible?

Cooking in A Stainless Steel Pan/pot on An Electric Burner, Is There Any Way to Make This Combination Work? Stainless steel cookware is most common in every kitchen. Because of health issues with coated cookware stainless steel cookware is widely used. Apart from this stainless steel cookware are corrosion resistive, highly durable, provides easy to … Read more

Enamel vs Ceramic Cookware: Top 3 Differences

Enamel is a type of powdered and melted glass basically used to coat something, such as enamel coating is used over cast iron. And Ceramic is a type of general term which is used for stoneware, porcelain, earthenware. Ceramics are basically hard, brittle, and impermeable in nature, like glass. Likewise, the enamel is usually used … Read more

Disposable Aluminum Pan Max Temperature

Disposable Aluminum Pan Max Temperature

Aluminum foil is a silver-colored shiny paper prepared with thin metal leaves and has a thickness to near about 0.2 mm. The aluminum foil papers are flexible in nature and can easily be used in wrapping and folding. But the aluminum papers are actually very lightweight and fragile and can easily get torn. The aluminum … Read more

How to Get a New Kitchen on Insurance

New Kitchen on Insurance

Does Insurance for the home, covers the Kitchen Damage as well?  Are we aware of something called, an insurance claim for damages to your kitchen? In most cases, kitchen insurance is claimed based on a few criteria. If there is any kind of accidental damage to the kitchen, we must have the insurance to be … Read more

Carpet in A Kitchen: Advantages & Disadvantages

Carpet in A Kitchen

The kitchen has become one of the essential separate rooms for decorating a particular flat. Although the kitchen is a confined space for preparing food, most people love to design their home according to their preferences, and without a kitchen, it’s incomplete. It has become one of the centers of attraction for people. That is … Read more