Best Personal Japanese Kitchen Knives 2020 – [ Best Price ]

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​Budget Friendly

​Chef Essential 6 Piece Knife Set

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​Best Choice

​ZELITE INFINITY Chefs Knife 8 inch

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​Chef’s Knife 8″ by Okami Knives

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One of the well-recognized kitchen knives in the world are the Japanese kitchen knives.

These knives have a signature razor like edge which is very appropriate to cater for their highly skilled filleting of fish.

They are able to make paper thin cuts and are usually precise in slicing. The Japanese dishes are considered to be healthy and very delicious.

This is facilitated by the fact that they are a different kind of Japanese knives used to cut a different kind of food.

Every person should have the various kinds of Japanese knives in their kitchen if you want a delicious meal. I’m going to review the best personal japanese kitchen knives today.

​Buying Guide : Things To Consider

They are various things that one should consider when choosing the best Japanese kitchen knives.

These Include:

Cross-Sectional Geometry

​One of the indicators of how a knife will perform is the how thin or thick the knife is behind the edge. A thin knife behind the edge cut through clearly. On the other hand, a thick knife may wedge and break.

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Steel Option

​The best Japanese knife when it comes to steel option is the stainless steel. This kind of knife does not rust when left wet. A carbon steel knife is likely to rust when left wet.

Handle Option

​Most of the Japanese knives have the wooden handle. This make the knife heavier which make it easy and smooth in cutting.


Most people justify their knife length decisions by their heights. One should consider the size of your product, cutting board and workspace when choosing a knife.

If one has a short board and no elbow room, pick a knife which is shorter. On the other hand, if one is dealing with big items like watermelon, choose a longer knife.


​The best Japanese knives are the one which is asymmetrical. However, one should be keen when buying or placing an order especially if you are left, handed user.

​best personal japanese kitchen knives: Worth Buying

Chef Essential 6 Piece Knife Set With Matching Sheaths

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​This Chef Essential 6 Piece Knife Set is designed in such way that it can be used for all the tasks encountered for the grill, kitchen, on the road and outdoor use.The cost of this knife is affordable without compromising its quality. It gives the best results due to it a feature of non-slip ultra-soft textured handle which easily slice and cut smoothly.The best results are also facilitated by matching blade guard and ergonomic handles. The razor sharp edge allows precision, easy slicing, and dicing.This knife also has high quality and performance blades made of carbon steel that does not rust; featuring a food safe slip-free marble finish coating which makes cleaning simple and prevent corrosion thus facilitating the ease glide through the food.The other benefit of this knife is the fact that it can be sharpened with any kind of sharpener and has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.With reference to the customer’s feedback, 85% of them seem very much satisfied with this knife.The rest of 15% just ask questions for clarity of the products. One of the common questions asked is if one can put the knife in the dishwasher.I recommend one to never put the knives in the dishwasher. The knife should be handled with care for it to be durable.

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Chef’s Knife 8″ by Okami Knives

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This Okami 8 Inch Chef’s Knife is multi-purpose knife which is designed for mincing, slicing, dicing, and chopping. It is clad with softer stainless steel for protection.

It has an ergonomic handle made parka wood that makes its resistance to corrosion. The super steel which is combined with modern techniques allows for the extremely acute edge angle of 8-12 degree per side.

This result to a sharp edge thus less force needed to be applied to cut through ailments thus no wrist fatigue.

One of the added advantages of buying this knife is the fact that the knife comes with premium packaging imagined by an internationally awarded designer, a plastic cover and edge guard for protection, Okami cleaning clothes, and Okami Kanji stamped on the end cap of the knife.

The knife has Damascus styling for aesthetic value and microscopic air pockets which are made by cladding process thus reducing friction during slicing.

One unique feature of this knife is the fact that is dishwasher safe though l would recommend one to use hands when washing.

I also suggest that one should buy the knife and if not satisfied return the knife within 60 days for a full refund.

This l say because l know that this is a perfect knife and no one would be unsatisfied with its services.

ZELITE INFINITY Chefs Knife 8 inch

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This ZELITE INFINITY Chefs Knife is very excellent in its performance. When one buys the knife online it arrives with a magnetic gift box with a red felt inlay with a protective plastic tip guard inside.

It has the blade which is razor sharp. The blade is about 12-15 degrees per sides which facilitate ease and smooth cut and chop.

The 12-15 degrees per side make the knife very sharp thus no wrist fatigue when cutting. This makes it faster since one need less force to cut the food and there are fewer chances that the blade will is likely to slip off which cause injury.

The best angle specifications for a knife are ranges around 8-10, 12-15 1 and 16-20 degrees. However, 8-10 degrees per sides may be sharper but offer a worse edge retention that is why zelite infinity chef knife 8 inches are more preferred since their degree ranges from 12-15 degrees per side.

I would recommend one order a purchase of this knife since they have 100% satisfaction and if one is not satisfied, can always return for full money refund.

When sharpening an asymmetrical knife l suggest that you use a marker on the bevel to ensure that you are abrading at the correct angle.

I would recommend one to buy directly from zelite infinity since it has the lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. This knife also has the premium packaging, best value, and unrivaled performance.

Maintenance Tips

One need to put into consideration the various maintenance tips for the particular Japanese knife to be effective and durable.

These include honing, sharpening, maintenance of handle and geometry. Honing is very essential on the edge of a knife bend one way or the other when hit by a cutting board or hard item.

I also recommend sharpening the asymmetrical while thinning to prevent the edge from moving closer to the spine and thickening the knife.

​Final Words

The Japanese knives are the best especially the best japanese kitchen knives recommended products as outlined above.

These knives have unique features which make the easier to use and make the cutting smooth.

The fact that the knives have either a lifetime guarantee or limited guarantee is an assurance the manufacturers have not compromised with any of the qualities.

I would recommend people to buy these knives and make their cooking easy, healthy and delicious.

The Japanese knives are available everywhere around the world. One just needs to place an order online and change the cooking in the kitchen. For the best and delicious meal use the either of the best japanese kitchen knives that l have recommended.